She is Hurt

How sad it is to see someone you care about fall of your hands and not to be able to catch them. How desperate it is to see someone you love drown in her sadness and not be able to help, even a little bit.

I see the person I value the most, finding hope in something that will never happen every single day. I see the shimmer in her eyes, waiting right beside the window every night, for someone who hasn’t showed up for years.

I hear her cry silently at night time, holding on to the old memories. I see her looking back to a past full of regrets and heartbreaks, only dreaming of a second chance.

I see her loving someone who will never love her again. And it hurts. It hurts so much, knowing that this will never change, and I will never be able to help. But I know, she is hurt, much more than  I am.  And this is what is killing me inside.



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